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Who We Are


Blazing Radiance is my home-based and web business that is dedicated to assisting people achieve wellness, the state of being in optimal physical and mental health. This can be attained as a result of making positive lifestyle choices that are focused on you, your family and community.

I have been so blessed for many years, being able to raise my own children and still make a great income and have free cars and travel around the world taking them with me. I have now completely understood the value of this business until I see other mothers trying to work and raise their children. This makes lives so much easier. Today I have 10 amazing grandchildren and they are also having a benefit of having their mothers at home. Dream about what you want in life.

Blazing Radiance is proud to offer Shaklee products as a foundation for building and maintaining a healthier body, mind, spirit and earth. These products simply deliver positive results when it comes to health. In addition, they support living in harmony with nature. Lastly, Shaklee provides a strong financial opportunity that supports individual dreams, success and, ultimately, a better world. I would like to share the Shaklee business opportunity with you.

Nina Stapel has 39 years of experience with the Shaklee Corporation as a Sales Leader. In this capacity, I have repeatedly seen the detrimental effects that conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity have on people’s lives. My goal is to help people focus on making positive lifestyle choices that will dramatically lower the chances of these illnesses negatively affecting their lives. Without a doubt, health promotion and disease prevention are far better alternatives to treating actual illness. As an active mother and grandmother Nina knows that reaching and maintaining wellness should be your primary goal.

Optimal health and wellness can be reached and maintained! Please contact us to get started on moving towards your goals! We look forward to hearing from you!

ps: I started this in 1979 for tax benefits and was not looking for a business. Where would I be today as a single woman with no education. I have an amazing life and travel more than I ever believed possible.

Who are we looking for?

There are so many young men and women who would love to build something on the side that will give them all the benefits they would like in life as well as the ability to raise their children themselves. Those are the people we are looking for.

If you know someone who hates their job and is a hard worker, a self starter, and believes their life is what they make it, That is who we are looking for.

If you know someone who an extra $500 to $1000 would make a difference in their life, that is also who we are looking for.

If you know someone who is looking for the best nutrition company in this country. That is who we are looking for.

At Blazing Radiance we do webinars every week and they are recorded at