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Personal Health Testimonials

We will share personal health testmonials , please feel free to share them with your friends.

We are not in any way prescribing or making claims that supplements will fix your health issues.  These are Personal Health Testimonials that may make a difference in your life like their Health Stories did in their lives.

· Strokes-Seizures-Dementia
· A Eczema story
· MindWorks helps a 95 year old!
· Importance of GLA 

    Crohn’s Disase…”Off All Medicine”

I had bowel problems for years.  It was first diagnosed as ulcerated colitis.  A different specialist identified Crohn’s disease.  He prescribed daily medication and steroids for acute periods.  The specialist expected me to have continued complications, frequent hospitalization and surgery.  I was then introduced to Shaklee.  I read about the success of other Crohn’s disease sufferers.  I started with Soy Protein, Meal Shakes, Vita-Lea, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Alfalfa and Lecithin.  As a felt better and learned more, I expanded my usage to all the products.  At my checkup, the doctor was pleased with my overall health.  I told him about Shaklee.  He had previously suggested another brand and said there was no difference.  But, when I tested his brand in water, it didn’t dissolve.  Therefore, I knew it wouldn’t do my body any good.  As I continued using Shaklee, the doctor couldn’t believe my blood work and colonoscopy report, because they were so great!!  The open intestinal fistula had closed leaving only scar tissue.  He now considers my Crohn’s disease “inactive”.  Since 2009, I’ve been off all medicine.  The only thing that made this difference was the Shaklee vitamins and protein I’ve been using faithfully….Randy Caldwell


              Ear Problems     

My son was on antibiotics for 1 year, then I started my 16 month old on a regiment of Shaklee supplements: OptiFlora, MultiVitamins, and NutriFeron. His pediatrician wanted to put tubes in his ears and I begged and pleaded to wait for 2 months. We were strict with the vitamins as well as using Shaklee’s healthy cleaning products. In 2 months he was ear infection free!  He is now 5 and hasn’t been on any prescriptions. My  pediatrician is amazed at the turnaround in our health and now even recommends Shaklee’s multi-vitamins for his patients!    J. Hart


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Small Steps, Big Results “I got my life back!”

On my 46th birthday, I had a heart attack which resulted in an emergency quintuple bypass and 13 months later I needed two stents. Over the next four years my health continues to deteriorate. I was eating better, and I was walking for the prescribed 30 minutes per day 3-4 days per week, but I was also taking a high dose of an antidepressant, 40 mg of cholesterol lowering drug, and two separate medications for high blood pressure. I was exhausted every day and, on my way, to work every morning my one constant thought was, “I can’t wait till I get home so I can go back to bed!” I weighed 202 pounds. At 51, my friend told me about Shaklee. I started with Vita Lea and after two months began drinking the 180 shakes. The weight began to come off slowly at first, and my doctor explained that some of the medications I was on would make weight loss more difficult. I could tell a big difference in my energy level and outlook in general. I remembered thinking, “So, this is what it feels like to have good nutrition…” I had been taking a popular cardiac multi-vitamin ever since my heart attack but had not felt any difference at all in my health or energy level. I spoke with my Shaklee distributor and she suggested I try the Vitalizer. This was awesome! My energy level went even higher! I started losing more weight and I was singing on the way to work in the morning. I also noticed that I was getting out of bed without aches and pains in my feet, legs and back which was something I thought was my destiny since I was aging. After losing 10 pounds, my doctor said I could try doing without one of the blood pressure medications. After a recheck 6 weeks later I was officially off it. As I continued to lose weight my cholesterol medication was cut in half, then the second blood pressure medication was cut in half. Around this time my husband asked if he could also take the Vitalizer because he couldn’t believe how happy and energetic, I was, and he wanted to see if it helped him too! It has been a year since I began my Shaklee life journey. Today I weigh 176 pounds and at last count lost 20 total inches off my body. I have, under my doctor’s supervision, weaned off of the antidepressant, and have started jogging. I can currently jog 3.5 miles and do so 3-4 times per week. I can look down and see parts of my body I haven’t seen in years! I can’t even remember feeling this good. I’m happy, energized, and confident. Shaklee literally gave me my life back. It didn’t happen overnight, and I was in very poor health. But it is true what they say, “Small steps lead to big results.” Dale Baker 




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Acid Reflux or GERD

My family has had acid reflux for at least two generations that I am aware of. My grandfather was a food broker and sold Tums. He always had them in his pocket to chew on. Even as a child I thought it was strange and being they were not candy. My mother told me he had digestion issues, it was called “Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or some call GERD”. I did not think much of this until my daughter was born and she had issues at very young age. Doctors told me the only way to treat her reflux was with medication and she was prescribed Tagamet, Aciphex, and Nexium over the years. At the young age of 14 she had a procedure called a Nissen Fundoplication because none of these medications were helping. By college years she had different issues and we discovered the years of medication had thrown off the balance in her body and now she had no acid. We tried all different natural products with little success. In 2005 she was struggling in college because of her health. I had used Shaklee products before I had my children and then lost contact with my distributor and stopped taking them. Carol Hartley reintroduced me to Shaklee and told me about the new products. We first started with NutriFeron and then began taking Stomach Soothing Complex and EZ-Gest. She later added Optiflora and it has taken years to repair all the damage done by the medication. Now her stomach problems are finally under control. I also have GERD but not as severe as my daughter. I use EZ-Gest before meals and Stomach Soothing Complex after. I found that once I added more Optiflora and Alfalfa my reflux was under control. I drink warm water before a big meal to help break up the fats and lemon in my tea or water almost daily.


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