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We are not in any way prescribing or making claims that supplements will fix your health issues.  These are Personal Health Testimonials that may make a difference in your life like their Health Stories did in their lives. 


· A Eczema story
· MindWorks helps a 95 year old!
· Importance of GLA

Health Info

Tests show identical muscle mass for 74 and 40 year old!
Muscle building product
Shaklee wins their health club business
Cholesterol Story that will amaze
Sterols and Stanols reduce cholesterol naturally
Dr. wants to know their cholesterol “secret”
Mental Acuity … full of goodness!
Blood Pressure controlled “naturally”
I found New Health … and a New Business
A-Fib … Jenny gets dramatic results
“Get Clean” WATER
The “Base” to a Health Program

 Health Testimonials

Lyme Disease, Allergy Sufferer, “I wanted great memories with my family, not just more stuff!”, Digestive Issues, MindWorks ,

Health Testimonials

​​Stroke, Seizures, and progressive Dementitia and MindWorks , Breast Cancer, Designing my life,  Aneurysm bursting brought back to health , Diabetes and Neuropathy

 Health Testimonials

​Awesome Health at age 70. MindWorks and Stroke, Life Plan, Get Well Tea,  Calming Complex, Liver DTX, Power of ProBiotics & EZ Gest

Health Testimonials

 MindWorks instead of other Medication, Back recovery and Vivix, Yeast Infections gone, Infertility, Asthema  

Acid Reflux, Avid Athlete Won't Go Without Shaklee, Brain Clarity & Improved Eyesight, Small Steps, Big Results, Cramps, Triglycerides Lowered Naturally, Shaklee Soy 

July 2015 Health Testimonials

​Mother & Daughter Karate Bonding, Mosquitoes Gone, Kidney Stones, Vitalizer, Thyroid, Pregnancy after 14 years and Speech Delay

June 2015 Health Testimonials  

Alzheimer Testimony with Vivix, Vitalizer, What Fuels Your Heart? Looking Back, Cat Allergies, Where Did The Cancer Go?, Depression and Bipolar

May 2015 Health Testimonials 

​Warts Gone, Chronic Illness Gone, Prostate, Thyroid and Diabetic Issues, NO Antibiotics This Year, Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia, Severe Osteoporosis, Eczema, and Bone Spurs  

​ ​​

April 2015 Health Testimonials 

​Allergies, Acid Reflux, Baby Yourself, Calming Complex, Shingles Testimonial & Optiflora Probiotic Complex​

March 2015 Health Testimonials 

The blues are gone, Allergies, Asthma, Ear problems, Pain is Gone!, Bronchitis & More

February 2015 Health Testimonials 

Migraines, Joint Health, Energy, Allergies, Detox, & More

​​January 2015 Health Testimonials 

Flu, 180 Success, Weight loss gain health, digestion and more

Health Testimonial Newsletters from 2014

December 2014

 Migraines, Parkinson's, PMS, Mood Swings, Results with Heart Numbers,

Mindworks, Stroke, Gas & Bloating, Allergies and Eczema and more   


November 2014

· Kidneys · Stomach pains · Diabetes · Blood Pressure Down 

 and  more

October 2014
· Stomach Issues · Balance Issues · Focus

September 2014
· Amazing different stories with Mindworks in short time.. Stay tuned ·
 Hepatitis C · Skin Issues and more…

August 2014
· Dementia · Autism · Leukemia · Allergies Skin Care & more

July 2014
· Asthma and Eczema · Poison Ivy · Summer Energy & hydration · 

Hepatitis and more….

June 2014
· Thyroid · Pain Relief Arthritis · Cleaning Products · Much more...


May 2014

· Colon issues, Headaches & making a great income · Allergies · Eczema

· Save money with germicide · Hip pain and more…..


April 2014
· Acid Reflux · Allergies · What Shaklee has done …..· Kidney Transplant    

 · Stress and more….

March 2014
· Breast Cancer · Training for Marathon · Kicked by Horse & Healing

· Bone Spurs . Shingles · Enfuselle and more…..

February 2014

Glasucoma · Shingles · Asthema · Butches 180 changed his life  and More exciting happenings

January 2014

· New Shaklee 180 Flavors · Osteoporosis · Bronchitis · Tennis Elbow

Health Testimonial Newsletters from 2013

December 2013
· Migraines · Stroke · Nutriferon · Migraines · Jump Start your Weight loss

November 2013

· 180 Stories · Behavior Issues with Child · Bed Wetting · IBS    · Neuropathy  and more

 October 2013

· 180 Stories  · Recovery from Injury  · Sinus Infections  · Allergies

· CorEnergy and more

September 2013

· Soy and the confusion -  Osteoarthritis · Mental Acuity

· Product Highlight  · Feeling Good as we Age


August 2013

· Shaklee 180 smoothie & testimony · Cleaners · Breast Cancer                       · Performance· Behavioral Issues


 July 2013

 Asthma,  Irritable Bowel,  Pain & Pain Relief Complex,  Enfuselle  

 June 2013

Diabetes,  Skin Care, Great Osteoporosis story, Performance and more

May 2013

Colon Issues, Neuropathy, Back Pain

April 2013

Thyroid, Headaches, 180 health stories, Cleaning Products

March 2013

 Fat Loss, New World Record, Vision, Thyroid, Colitis, Crohn’s


February 2013

180 Success Stories, Alopecia, Crohn’s, Healthy Heart

 January 2013 

The month after Christmas, 180 Stories, Lost my Joband got a Life,

PMS, No more yo-yoing, recipes

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